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Subway muck and building trough muck production sintered brick raw materials

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The composition of subway excavation muck and building geotrum muck is relatively complex, especially the composition of subway excavation muck is more complex and variable, the common rock layers are shale, clay, granite, limestone, marl, etc., some raw material composition is unfavorable to sintered brick such as: granite, limestone, etc. But practice has proved that even if there is a certain amount of harmful raw materials, as long as the raw materials handled properly can still produce high quality sintered brick.

The raw material treatment plan is as follows:

1. Preliminary screening of raw materials: muck shall be checked before entering the plant, and it can be observed by eyes. Obvious rocks (such as granite, limestone, etc.) are not allowed to enter the raw material shed of the plant.

2, after a preliminary screening of materials into the factory, in the tent to stack stacked into the same raw materials as far as possible in one plane, different material parallel, overlapping pile up, up and down at the time of discharge, in the vertical direction of material layer, as far as possible do vertical feeding, such use flat vertical feeding material piling and taking the principle of maximum possible will be advance homogenization of raw materials processing. (if the factory area is small and there is no place to build a raw material stacking shed, the raw material shed can be located outside the factory area)

3, after initial homogenization of raw materials, the use of forklift truck, before enter the belt type box feeder, after 200 mm grille, first through the grille material through except for roller machine for more than 30 mm stone block material separation, qualified after coarse crushing of roll machine (10 mm) or less, finely to roll machine (3 mm) or less for raw materials for further refinement processing, the processed material into the double shaft mixer.

4, 200mm grille screen feeding and stone removal roller processing of large materials (30mm of the block material), as well as the automatic batching measurement of coal, first through the hammer rough breaker for preliminary crushing, then into the adjustable hammer fine crushing machine further crushing, after screening (aperture 2.5mm) treatment, qualified material after measurement pile piling. The calorific value of the mixture is measured, and then it is fed into the double-shaft mixer through the belt type box feeder and automatic batching system.

5, through double shaft mixer mixing evenly, uniform fabrics with reversible cloth machine, and some Chen Huaku tile same straight for stacking, feeding way, using bucket reclaimer of a bridge type more, further to homogenization of raw materials, ensure that the composition of raw materials as much as possible in a reasonable space, guarantee the stability of the drying and sintering process.

6. For the aged and qualified materials, the bridge type multi-bucket reloader enters the belt type box-type feeder, and then the roller machine is processed by a fine high-speed fine crushing process. The roller gap of the roller machine is no more than 1.5mm.

7. The raw materials processed by high-speed crushing roller are put into the mixing extruder to further mix and knead the raw materials to increase the molding performance of the raw materials.

The raw material processing that passes above working procedure, although the harmful composition in raw material is relatively taller, the composition is relatively complex, also can produce high grade sintered brick. Due to the necessary separation of raw materials, even if the raw material has a high moisture content, the treatment effect is basically unaffected, so this scheme is also ideal for wetter materials.

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